Friday, 23 October 2015


Last season I had this cough that almost lasted forever, and it had the most amazing distinction, it occurred only in place I wanted to make a good impression.

I had prepared to shut down the
previous edition of the Miss Delta pageant. I remember putting all of my outfit together, which specially made by one of my favorite designer, I hopped into a taxi, and every time I coughed, the taxi driver would turn to look at me, at one point, I had to yell “Ah Oga you never see person when dey cough before” but deep down I knew it was going to be a bad day for me.

Miss Delta is one of the biggest beauty focus event in Nigeria, where contestant will sell more than just a pretty face to win, Fashion designers graced the event, looking to find top models to showcase their style, I had not slept in days, just from the excitement that I was able to get a press pass. I was excited, i was going to be meeting everyone who was anyone in the Fashion world, so I wanted everything to be perfect, my outfit, my shoe, and my accessories.

I would stand up from my bed to take a glance at my outfit I took a glance at 5 seconds ago, I was looking forward to making a fashion statement at this A-list event.I hopped out of the taxi, determined to control the cough as much as I can, yet pictures and skits of me coughing still surfaced.

The event was fabulous, the runway was flawless, all you could hear were the excited audience, music and my cough, my embarrassed level grow with every sound my coughing mouth made, moments when there were absolute silence were worse, it felt like there was a mic in my throat.So I had to leave the arena, went outside to let some fresh air into my lungs, I never went back,
Even if it was one of the most embarrassing time of my life, I still had a semi awesome time, met some of my celebrity crush and saw some of the contestant performing.

Come Nov 6th 2015, Ogun state will be hosting its most fabulous beauty pageant, The Miss Tourism Ogun State (MTOGS) , I definitely wont be coughing there, as bring the event exclusively to you is the ultimate goal. 



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  1. Hahahahaha.. That moment when you have to cough but you're trying to prevent it and then you feel like you've got air pumped into you and wanna burst, all red eyes and then suddenly you can't hold it any longer.... Kpufff!!!! kpufff!!! Haha. That was quite courageous...