Thursday, 15 October 2015


I figured out recently, that if you write your aspirations down, there's a 98% chance you will stick with them. My aspiration includes looking flawless in every outfit i try on. 

Why should this even
make sense? Ever notice how some people will try out some clothes and you never wanna buy them, yet you will see same outfit on someone else, and it becomes a must have. The skin care and body play an important role for perfect body, perfect outfit. Here are some of my new to-do habits i penned down.

Get the perfect body

Making unconscious and conscious excuses at keeping fit reduces the time you will commit to having the perfect body, to look pretty in your clothes. So if you cant go to the gym, simple walks within your neighborhood, and little bits of different work out within your home can keep your calories down.

Look at more pictures

I like to spend a lot of time looking and looking at pictures on the Instagram, from events and fashion shows, to be able keep track of the latest trends, what 70's fashion is having a comeback, what outfit to suit what event, so that my outfit doesn't look like i woke up in 1865.

Drink more water

The primary use of water is to quench thirst, but did you know, that water also hydrates the body, and is the cheapest way to make better the look of the skin. You already are looking fabulous, but a healthy skin can compliment your outfit. I decided to make this a regular habit with a nice slice of lemon.

Eat your veggies and fruits

The most difficult thing is changing a habit you already have been use to all your life, how easy can it be to sometimes substitute the love for Egusi soup with lots of beef and Eba for veggies and fruits? it is the funniest thing i ever heard, but i have learnt that your skin is a reflection of what you feed into your body. So try out new healthy diets, fruit salad, veggie salad.

There is nothing to lose in trying out this simple tips, pen them to your journal, add to your to-do-list, set your reminder and make this an every day routine. Nothing says beautiful than a perfect body/skin and outfit in one person.


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