Thursday, 22 October 2015


There is a very popular saying that a man is attracted to what he sees, this have been proven true a million times, and it is possible
some relationships have ended simply because some women can't meet up to the expectations of what their man defines as sexy or stylish.  

There is another popular saying that looking good is good business, but what if you can’t meet up with fashion’s constant evolution? Or you can’t keep your man because you have too little.
What if you can’t afford to buy all that’s trending, when it is trending? Linda Ikeji on her post of her newly acquired mansion said, her shoes are worth 200,000 Naira, that’s actually someone’s 4 months’ salary, nevertheless, how possible is it to your man’s eye fixed on only you, when you have little?

Spend within your budget

There are a lot of lovely outfit without a designer tag that's still as amazing. You don’t have to wait till you can afford a Vera Wang or Jimmy Choo before you shop. There are a lot of affordable clothes with quality fabric.

Visit Balogun market

If you have never visited Balogun market, then you have missed out on a lot, a great number of the clothe store you shop from, shop there. It is the best place to shop for all sort of fashion accessory at a very affordable price.

Color match

Buy your major wears in everyday colors like black, white, brown or grey. These colors make it a little difficult to tell if you are repeating same outfit, and can go with almost every other color, you can match black pants or skirt with yellow, green, peach tops. Get at least a black color foot wear for your regular outdoor activities, it isn't only your man, people notice you have just a few when they are in bright flashy colors.

Choose sexy

Whether your man likes conservative or revealing outfit, always pick out clothes that will make you look sexy, and irresistible. No one cares about the price tag, when you look stunning in your evening wear or cocktail dress.


There are a million stores selling high quality outfit at an amazingly discounted price, you will be amazed what you can get when you visit online stores like Asos, most of your celebrity crush shop there too, plus they do free delivery to Nigeria.

These tips may not fill your closet with all the clothes in the world, but will definitely help you look more stylish on your budget, and keep your man’s eye fixed on only you. Most importantly find your style and be confident in it. 



  1. Nice 1, I tink most of our girls really need to see dis u dnt ve to spnd fortune b4 u look gd

  2. Nice one... I have heard of balogun make, but i have never been there before. How can i find my way there?

  3. hehehe hehehehe. ...nice info for Biz mogules. d biz minded peeps

  4. wonderful post, ladies should learn from dis

  5. Girls sometimes get too comfortable in their relationships that they forget to stay smashing, in good shape and stylish just how they were when their men met them.

  6. Wow, this is so true, we ladies should learn from this post honestly