Monday, 26 October 2015


Having style and fitness all in one is super amazing, there are even a million tips on the internet on what to do to stay fit, what outfit suits your body, you could
even have studied Fashion at Parson, New York, but being able to actually practice a fitness to fashionable lifestyle is really where the Jamb question lies.

Have you seen how difficult it is to actually do sit ups? try actually lying on your back, sitting up 20 times, with all of the pain you will feel after, you would agree that you have to be a fitness gladiator to be able to pull it off.

Does this mean I should stay out of shape? I recently dedicated three weeks to vigorous work out on my belly, While my upper belly responded with visible result, my lower belly, not so much.I later learnt work outs for both part of the belly are different, but these tips guided me.

Nothing good has ever come easy 

Ask people successful people, they will tell you exactly these words. sweet and easy things always give you an opposite reaction, like sugar can give diabetes, lack of exercising can bring obesity. For you to be fit and fabulous, you most definitely have to dedicate to it.

Set a reminder

No matter your skill in multitasking, you still may forget your appointment with the gym, set a reminder on your mobile phone to help you meet up with your schedule, one day you fail to meet up, is one day less of you achieving your fitness goals.


No one reminds you to eat when you have hungry, you body just knows how to make you uncomfortable till you find food, it may not be the most realistic comparison, but once you set your mind to it, your body wont make you comfortable till you have met your fitness task for the day.

There are no short cuts

People usually just see perfectly fitted people, then begin to wishful think. Fitness perfect is a step to step journey that sometimes need months of dedication and could be painful, but the good news is after a while your body adapts and the pain begins to fade.

Work with people who share same goal

In as much as working out with people could be fun, it is important to set up a work out routine with people who share your serious fitness to fashionable desire, there is nothing as destructive as unlike minds working together to achieve a goal.

Being fashionable starts with fitness, I hope these tips work for you, find your style and be happy, their nothing more special than being able to wear a crop top or a little black dress without looking tacky.


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