Tuesday, 27 October 2015


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The Nigerian girl look is the definition of beauty and style, and has revolutionize everything Fashion. It is impressive to see how
fashion forward the Nigeria girl style has evolved, that it seems like an empire is being built, one fierce look at a time. I have put this simple tricks to help you conquer the Nigerian girl look.

Wake up like this

My first tip on the ultimate Nigerian girl style is to wake up feeling amazing, a good day starter simply means a good day ahead. To be able rock a graceful look, you must stand up fierce.

Rock native

Maybe it is because of the many events we all love to attend, but there is seriously nothing better than owning your own identity and style in fashion.If you can pull off an amazing look in Lace or an Ankara, rocking an English wear is definitely be a bonus.

Get confident

Being bold and confident speaks volume of how much you can rock this ultimate look. A fierce feeling means you got everything right, right colors in a perfectly fitted outfit to compliment your skin.

Wear a flawless make over

I totally love a perfectly done make over that says I am ready to conquer the world. Getting a make over to compliment your style, will certainly take your look to a confident new level.

Its been said a million times before, that Nigerians are happy people, there is rarely a time you won't find a stylish girl powered up with a mighty smile, nothing says happy girl than a beautiful smile to compliment your style. 


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  1. Wow,that's so true. A beautiful and flawless MAKE OVER, announces your presence and set your mood for that day. It work and makes you get all the compliments there is to be given. Great work Fome, nice picture quality. Naija girls rock