Friday, 30 October 2015


Ever notice the very long disapproving look you get, when someone feels you are inappropriately dressed? You can totally feel
their staring eye piercing through your skin, that you can actually miss a step, fall to the ground and disgrace your family.

I was on my way back from an event a few Saturdays ago, when the taxi I entered broke down, after spending long minutes waiting for the taxi driver to figure if to call a mechanic, fix it himself or refund me my cash, I decided to get out in my really really high heel to make my way across the road, where it was easier to board another one, and it felt like I had 99 knives pointed at me.

Was there something wrong with my heels, I knew they were really stylish, but why were people so disapprovingly surprised at my style choice?

Style should be a reflection of your true inner self, many people agree with this only when the style is conventional, but I think everyone should know that we mostly only have consented to style our eye and mind have been accustomed with.

It is important that everyone should experience style freedom at some point, and the only thing that should count is how your outfit makes you feel.

Conservative or rebellious, choose your style. Most times, my outfit for an outdoor event depends on my mood and what I have in my closet.

Sometimes I like to be conservative, other times I wanna be rebellious.
At the end, I didn't let the the preying eye take away my style freedom as I smiled walking down the road to get a new taxi.

Stay true to your style. 



  1. Well, as much as I agree with you on all counts, I still have some reservations about how most people ditto male and female express this freedom in the most obscene manner.
    A very quick example comes to mind...... A lady with extra tummy folds donning a small crop top on jeans. Seriously? What do we call that?

  2. I agree with you at some point about dressing to represent your true inner self and about style of freedom. On the other hand, nowadays people just wanna follow trends and not what truly suits them. e.g putting on an extra slim jeans on an extra fat thigh, a first time user of heely shoes going for a 10 cm high and walking on a rough path, then you just bought yourself a 100 eyes. All I'm saying is "Don't wear because of trend", "Dress to suit the occasion".