Thursday, 8 October 2015


Have you ever tried to imagine what our lives will be without our mobile gadgets, social media and internet access? The whole world would suffer depression, yet it is hard to imagine how the
people of the previous years, centuries and millennia survived. How would your friends know that you and your boyfriend went to the mall and took a selfie with Rihanna or that you carried your new Michael Kors bag you bought yesterday, people of that era had to wait for anytime their friends ever decided to visit, to show them these things.

This people had to waiting on Nipost to deliver their letters, lover letters were written long, and sent to potential girlfriends, birds were sent long miles, only to probably deliver a two sentence note. Sometimes families did not speak to each other for years, till a person was travel in that direction with a note.

I remember in the early 2000's when technology brought access to phone and calls set in, Nigerians were amazed at what this magical thing could make happen in a split second, communication over a thousand mile could now be accessed  by just a single dial.

As technology EVOLVED more, so did the wants of the people too, we began sending text messages via the mobile blue screened phone, seeing that we can keep the connection longer just by anticipating what the next reply would be, and then came Yahoo Messager, Skype, Facebook, 

everybody and I mean everybody was at the cybercafé talking to everybody, who knew something would be sweeter than hours on end on a midnight phone call, only to sleep all day the following morning.

It was taken one step further, now we can access mails,blogs, latest fashion trend, which celebrity is dissing which, news, BBM, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, online store, funny video, google map, pictures and information on the bed, in the bathroom, on the toilet, in the church. Selfies came too, and the world was blown away. People began wanting to see everything the next person was up to.
Which is exactly where we are today, a world filled with mobile endless possibilities, but let’s for one moment take our internet away.

The world will be still with depression. it would feel as if the world was taken back in time to a system unknown.

The Fome Native do not want to see you depressed, so let the EVOLUTION never stop, as i continue to bring fashion and lifestyle trends which is your finger click away.


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