Monday, 9 November 2015


I usually don't have morning food cravings, especially on work free days. I take my breakfast at the time most people refer to as brunch, nevertheless, I am a total foodie with a large
space to take in all of it, problem is my foodie spirit has a mind of its own, and my lazy eating habit doesn't help much, so my eating habit most times contradicts itself.

I am just a little away from being called thin, not like it was all part of the great plan, my lazy eating habits just keep me grounded.

I think your attitude towards food count as much as eating it does, luckily I am one of the people who have gotten away with excessive eating. 

Don't over think your meal

When you have to go to work in the mornings, there will really be no time to have your dream meal, unless of course you are a very early riser. I make do with what my hands can reach, other times when the cravings get really large and I have to really eat.

You can choose a breakfast that is as light as possible, beverages with a snack or two are excellent starters pack to losing weight.

Develop a lazy eating habit

A lazy eating habit is when you can't get off your bed to get some food till you are very hungry. This process will help you burn calories without you even trying. You should give this a shot.

Pick a light dinner

Sometimes, instead of a heavy dinner of Eba, I prefer to eat snacks, because I probably saw the time, and it was obvious my food wont get digested before I go bed. I think this also helps to keep the belle in shape.

Spend a lot of time exercising

Exercising doesn't necessarily mean you should work out till your eyes bleed red, exercising can also be simple and fun like dancing, taking a walk with friends, going on a bicycle ride or even hiking.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes, getting to a place where it becomes a part of your life style takes time. Lastly monitor your processes and note what works for you.




  1. Lol I can relate! I always tell people that I love food but I hardly eat at the right time or the right number of times. Its bad though

    1. lol.. yeah really bad for us slim people..... but its a perfect recipe for people who want to shed weight

    2. My biggest problem is food how i wish i can not think about food