Wednesday, 4 November 2015


I have had a beautiful week starter, especially from all of the positive events happening around me this season, also, this is the first time I posting with
a picture of me here, I am super excited about it, even if the picture is a few months ago.

I recently researched on incredible ways to wear an above the knee outfit without keeping too much attention on the legs, the results were amazing.

I am a high heel lover and an above the knee outfit lover, but most times that combination don't work out as good as I want them to especially when I just want to tone it really down, you know, like walk in and out a place unnoticed.

I found out that I could achieve that by wearing flat foot wears instead, this was perfect for me because it took enough attention from my legs, to other details like my outfit, my hair and make up.

Flats are perfect foot wears for all season, especially in places with no winter, they are perfect to keep outfit simply, and are super comfortable. 

The fun part of it is, it never ever goes out of style, and can be worn with almost all types of outfit.
It is really impressive to see how choice on outfit combination can change the whole statement your body and outfit makes.


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