Monday, 2 November 2015


There are a million people in the world today without a home, as sad as that sounds, it is true, but I don't mean it in the literal context.

I totally think there is more to the
meaning that has been given, to me it goes beyond a place to stay, to me where you find fulfillment or where you find peace is home.

My mum who lives a thousand miles away (totally wishing to see her this Christmas) once told me the title of a story I wrote when I was little and it was called "GOING TO TOMORROW".
Very hilarious isn't it? But I can only imagine that the tomorrow I was talking about is today, and being the person that I am, I can also imagine it was full of a child like imagination of what I thought a perfect tomorrow should be, maybe a candy castle for the piggy telephone car I had, most importantly, I think I was talking about my home.

It is quite difficult getting out of that place you already are sure of some comfort, to fear and uncertainty, where if you do try you may actually find your home, fulfillment.

There are no dreams too big to pursue, your limitations are only as big as you let them, that is not to say you won't fail, but you must try again till you find home.

It is okay to take baby steps, till you can find your feet, you will be surprised how little things can bring about the happiest moments.

I already knew I loved to write, but it took me years to stop procrastinating and finally pick up my pen, the joy I feel is endless. I can definitely get use to feeling at home.

I hope this post inspires you and will make your today count.



  1. So thru Fome, life sometimes can be so funny. No wonder a great philosopher said " If you don't actualise you dream, someone else will hire you to actualise his/her God given dream. Man pikin need to hurry-up for life, if not train go leave person go.

  2. Once u discover Ur passion.. U have found Ur home. Nice drop.

  3. This is motivational. A piece like this actuates my adrenaline to gear up and persevere rigorously. Nice one Bae.

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    1. There're no heights you wouldn't reach once your mind is set to get there.. Stay hungry for more!!

  5. We are who we are.
    The most important and significant aspect of our lives is the day we get to know WHOM we are and our Purpose in life.
    Without this very important discovery, many go round life in circles. Knowing who you are brings forth those intrinsic talents deposited into you by Allah and from that moment onwards you become a trailblazer.
    *Where you feel you are today might actually just be a minuscule of where you are supposed to be.
    *You might be "Comfortable" today and think you living the "Life" but believe me that you might just be depriving yourself of better.
    You might just be "Squatting" at that place you call "Home".
    Get up and embark on that journey of Self discovery.

  6. ...the days of our little beginnings are the most gives the stories of our future form and meaning...I sure dig my 'little baby steps' God for them....