Wednesday, 11 November 2015


There is a lot of satisfaction that can be achieved from true expression, it goes beyond not being ripped off in traffic by hawkers or
not purchasing an overpriced shoe from a sales representative at a footwear store.

True expression of oneself is far most the greatest gift, you can give yourself, because procrastination can definitely kill a nation.

Imagine an expressionless world, where there are no sky scrappers, no flying planes, no Jimmy Cho, no Grey Velvet, only dreamers with no one to revolutionize the world. The earth would be filled with graves of beautiful minds.

So I thought up some ways that can inspire expression over procrastination.

Mistakes are inspiring

Let your work show your mistakes, and the journey of your progression. Let people see you are not perfect.
This is so inspiring because a lot of people are of the notion that you have to own huge some of capital to build your dreams. I believe what makes a beautiful story is the ruffles at its beginning.

No universal rule

There is no one who was appointed the universal rule drafter, meaning that rules are made by people like you and me, and can be broken to create better ones. Make your own rules or build your own style and change the game.

Your signature

If you look closely you will see after learning the basics of anything, there is always something to tell that this was done by this person, and that was done by that person.

Take for example how you can easily differentiate the voice of Wizkid from that of Justin Bieber and even their style, or the design styles of Chanel and Vera Wang. True expression is an expression of your style through what you believe in.

In Michael Jackson's words, stop existing and start living. Its not been said anywhere that everyone will be Oprah Winfrey, but am sure its been said that everyone can try to reach for the stars. I hope this inspires you to take a positive step towards  self-expression.


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