Friday, 4 December 2015


If you read my last post, you will see that I have began to incorporate

photography to my post, which is very important.

I worked with the Tash footwear design over the previous weekend, (they make amazing easy wear shoes by the way) to give you this post. What makes it super cool is the fact that they are totally a Nigerian brand.

Their shoes are super comfy, and can fit with your denim or casual wears. 

You can also find nice casual outfits and the latest trend caps in their outlet.

I have always wondered where I can get cool stuffs without looking to find someone who is just coming from Yankee, and disturb them with my unending calls if they remembered to stop by a store to buy my stuffs, before their trip back to Nigeria, or really a place where I can get a real feel of the quality of the fabric I want to spend my money on. 

The online stores are doing a great job, but sometimes I just love to walk into a shop, touch and feel everything before making the ultimate purchase, and be totally glad if at the end I am getting quality stuff.

These guys at Tash will give you a total run for your money, Plus how better to treat your family and friends this season, than to give them something worth while.

Wishing you all the best of this season......

Thanks to everyone that worked with me on this, especially @makeupbyTiverly, 
it was truly fun working with you.



  1. Nice post and beautiful photography, I will like to know where I can find the Tash outlet

  2. Nice, exposing and refreshing.... Kevin

  3. Love that footwear... Where can i get the Tash outlet

  4. Hi guys, you can find the Tash store at Adeniran Ogunsanya mall in Surulere, Lagos state... Another exciting news is that they will deliver to your door step.

  5. 9c writeup & very in4mative. Wow, kool stuffs @ TASH stores.
    1daring aw u can locate d store; its @ surulere, adeniran ogunsanya shopping mall Shop B34, I v been there myself.