Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Oh I have been away for so long, and it felt like forever. 

My most sincere apologizes, I was thinking about
you the whole time. 

I have been doing everything possible to make sure, you enjoy visiting here by giving it a new look and incorporating photography.

Who knew I had some modelling fierceness in me? lol

So pleased about the numerous feedback especially from the MSL Lagos guys during one of our hangouts, am super surprised you guys actually read my stuff, and also those who tried to reach out via mail. Super cool.

I recently also changed the name of this blog from The Fome Blog to The Fome Native, which means everything original to me, you can get more information about it, when you click on ABOUT BLOG.

I cant wait to get off work for the year and be on my way to my hometown in Isoko, Delta state. Hopefully I can get you to see how beautiful life can be there. 

I researched on a lot of places, I will totally love to visit, I hope I get to visit them all this December.

December is the most gracious month of the year, and I can already smell the fresh cooling breeze of Christmas.

Bells are jingling everywhere, Christmas lights are lighting up everywhere, if you drive passed Eko Hotel roundabout, you will understand what I am talking about.

December to me has always been the only month to give that sustainable feeling of joy, what makes it most beautiful is that, it is the month of my birth. Yesssss December 16th.

So I intend to make the most out of every experience that comes with it. 

p.s I don't reject gifts o.

There are usually a lot of fun stories to tell this season, from travel, to food, and laughs, and I hope you will do everything to make it as memorable as possible.

I am looking forward to sharing my December/Christmas experience with you.



  1. u must build ya own mansion o .. Lmao

  2. nice blog. keep up the good work.