Wednesday, 9 December 2015


If you surf the internet often, you will see there is one thing that is constant, beautiful faces with huge smiles. 

Every picture seems to 

be telling the same story, PERFECTION.
What those well taken photographs don't say, is the struggle behind the walls of the faces of people.

Some people are experts at what many Nigerians refer to as packaging, because people are not necessarily interested in seeing the sad tale.

The couple you see who just posted a beautiful selfie on Facebook, might just have ended a huge fight and is trying to fix things up.

The lady who's picture is kick ass, might be dealing with her child with Progeria.

The guy in suit and tie, may have lost his job, and doesn't want you to have the slightest clue.

This is not to say some of the expressions we find are not true.
For people who do not count their blessings, depression/low self esteem can set in.

Two weeks ago, was the very first time I saw a number of people with down syndrome all in one place. 

Kinda make you appreciate the benefits/positives of being you, and the progresses you have made as you.

In this world. there are two set of people you will find, the ones you wish you are, and the ones you are thankful you are not.

The important question is do you know where you are going to? 

If you can answer this, then here is your good news, you are not tied to where you are, you can make improvement, if you commit to the changes you want to see in your everyday life.

Roses are red, violet as blue, life is beautiful and so are you.

This post was inspired by the events of the last few days.

p.s am wondering what I was looking at in my photograph above. lol



  1. Great work. God will perfect our ways and make us understand the beauty of life...... I thank God for the gift of life.

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    1. Fome God bless you for this post, more grace to you