Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Location by Tash

One of the most difficult thing on earth is finding your "now watch me whip" to your "now watch me nae nae" person(s). Someone who's

lifestyle and choices continue to bedazzle your mind. 

Having these kinda people in your life, who will positively impact you is a rare gift.

If you have met anyone who is kind, positive, will hold your hands and help you be better, party buddy, then you have truly been blessed. 

My list of favorite women, are people who truly continue to inspire me with unconditional love and the people around them.

They are my January crushes. 


In life, we were not given the choice to choose our family, we only are blessed with unconditional love for them, but when you find you that your sister is someone who is always there for you, then my people you have been double blessed o.

She is the total everything of brains, class and beauty.
She once almost beat a girl I was too scared of, who was constantly bullying me in secondary school.

I rarely call her by her name, but by the annoying nickname I gave her after I use her head nack ground when we were little.

plus we will represent Nigeria for best quarrellers/arguers/disagreeing title and will win.

I will have it no other way, my sister forever.


We have known for so long we call ourselves cousins.
She knows when I am about to whine and will listen to me whine all day, face to face and over the phone. 

She is one of the most patient people I know, and has a very beautiful spirit.

She is a talented actress, who now prefers to work in a corporate firm.

She never almost gets angry or complain. 


Ever met someone and you just love them immediately.. yep that's Amaka. She has been such an amazing friend that I am really thankful.

She is one very faithful reader of this blog, and will scream my name over a chat or phone conversation when she finds an error.

She constantly makes sure that this blog is on top of its game.

She is the only one person I know, who will switch between five different accent including pidgin in only one conversation, which is pretty cute.

She is kind and beautiful and can laugh. I wish I can make a recording of her laugh and post it here. Its the kinda laugh that takes your own laugh away and make you stare at her.

She is a marketing communications personnel.


Ah, how do I begin to describe this lady, she acts like a mother to her friends, she will guard and protect what is yours like it is hers. She is my mother hen.

She is very funny, and loves to play, and I must add that she is an amazing singer, her voice will give you the shiver.

She is a Linguist.

Another Amaka

I have no words to describe her, which simply means, she inspires me beyond words. The love you give is worth emulating. You are an angel.

She is an amazing presenter and can spend the whole day laughing.

To all people who inspire others, you are simply amazing.

If you have someone who inspires you to be better.. you can share their names in the comment box below.

Have the best of this January.



  1. Nice post... My friends who inspire me are Lola, Juliet and my husband Dayo

  2. Na wa o, no happy new year from you Fome. anyways nice post.. am sure you are trying to say we should appreciate our friends more. Your sister is cute.

  3. Hahahaaaaa...... Fome my one and only sister for life. Thanks for the complement

  4. Haha. .All that for me..Thanks dear..I celebrate you too..keep it up

  5. Fome why my name nor dey der??? Lol. Nice to have great friends around who can inspire u positively.

  6. Lol! 4 ur mind o

  7. Awww fome.. Thank you so much. May God continually bless d work of your hands.

  8. It's a blessing to have inspiring women in your life! Having people you can look up to can be a source of encouragement.

  9. A nice one to appreciate the inspiring people in one's life. But wait o me offend you?