Monday, 18 January 2016


Happy new week everyone, and thank you so much for all the post views and comments, you guys are super duper amazing. It is very very well appreciated.

Last weekend, I somehow found the location where
Patoranking shot his video "Make am". Not that I was looking for it.

Remember in my last post, when I talked about MY JANUARY FIVE FAVORITE WOMEN... Nike's friend applied for her to audition for The Voice Nigeria, so I went with her to give her all the moral support.  

Turned out it was same location, I could not even contain my excitement, being a huge fan of his music.

Grill Station at Freedom Park.

The video is so cool, it does brings back fond memories of my childhood. 

A more exciting gist is that this same location where his video was shot is a historical landmark now known as Freedom Park. 

Freedom Park was formerly a prison during the colonial era and many who fought for Nigeria's Independence like Herbert Macaulay and Chief Obafemi Awolowo were imprisoned here.

Her majesty's Queen Elizabeth II colonial prison on Broad street, Lagos Island

Fome took this picture

Nike took this picture

The reconstructed building now comprises of an Amphitheater, a Pergola cell (internet booths), Skeletal cells. Food court, Ponds and Fountains, Historical statues, Museum complex, Historic displays, Souvenir shops, Resource center, Court yard, Cell units and the famous Wole Soyinka's Art Gallery. 

All of this I did not know o, I was just there giving Nike moral support in one corner.

I only knew it was previously a prison, what kinda former prison, I didn't know.

I really wish I had done some research earlier, I ended up missing most of the cool stuff, and visiting a tiny portion of the whole building. 

So I can't even do a proper review, but I intend to visit again, but what you need to know is that you can get into Freedom park for free, and view all of its structure yourself.

The wall is so high up
I can't even begin to imagine what it feels like being imprisoned here, but those who fought for our freedom will be respected forever in my heart.

I also hope Nike makes it to the next round in the The Voice Nigeria.



  1. Lol, You were too carried away, getting excited over Patoranking.

  2. Fome everyone knows freedom park, they just don't to the history to it.. A lot of shows/concerts take place there too

  3. Shout out to you Fome

  4. I think I need to visit this freedom park and sight see for meself..Fome can I tag along?

  5. Good write up. Alot of literary related stuff take place at Freedom Park. I myself have been there quite a couple of times. Looking forward to having a drink with you there sometime soonish (BIG GRIN).
    Nice writeup tho.

  6. I like your originality Fome and Freedom Park Sounds like an interesting place to visit.

  7. kudos I neva knew d story behind d freedom park until now

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