Hi guys, my name is Enifome Emmanuel, and I am a chic from the late 80's. 
I am so excited to be here. I am excited to meet everyone I am going to meet here.

I love fashion and everything beautiful.

I love poetry that can touch the deepest part of my soul.

I love to write

I hope to travel the world to see old and new places. 
I love history and everything that has shaped the world into the beauty that it is.

I love history so much, I would totally (if I can) bring Samuel Ajayi Crowder back to life, just for his first hand encounter on slavery and his emancipation.

I will totally love to jump out of a flying plane (if its safe of course). 
I will totally climb the highest mountain, I once walked 2 hours just to see a beautiful waterfall that pour more at the sound of an echoing voice.

I am a foodie, but my taste pod is very very selective in a weird way.

I love to be bold, I look to try out new things.
I believe building castles in the air, can become an actual castle.

Most of all, I love to inspire and be inspired.

I hope you enjoy every bit of time you spend visiting me here as I show you fashion trends and my personal style

Enifome Emmanuel

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